Rosehip Syrup

Now is the time people.  Yes, the rosehips are in abundance in every hedgerow throughout the country at the moment, making it the ideal time to make some rosehip syrup.   And now that we have had our first frost, it’s the best time to pick those hips  – both for the plant’s sake and … Continue reading

Raspberries – honestly!

It may be the middle of November, but I am still collecting the most succulent raspberries in the veg garden.   Today’s harvest was mostly used in a Chocolate Truffle Gateau (I’ll be posting the recipe soon). I love the all the yellow and orange colours in the garden at this time of year, but … Continue reading

My Soda Bread Focaccia

My traditional soda bread recipe not only makes a great bread, but tasty pizza bases and a deliciously simple focaccia.  For my book launch, I worked with head chef of the Pembroke Hotel, Grainne Somers, and we decided to serve pizza with two different toppings and a simple focaccia as part of the launch food. … Continue reading


Try to get to your local garden centre this week and pick up a pack of garlic  bulbs (a pack of three should cost in the region of €2-€3). Now is the perfect time to get planting your garlic cloves for a tasty harvest next summer.   Don’t worry about the fact that the temperatures … Continue reading

Sweet smelling body scrubs

The more I live off the land (my garden), the more ways I find to save money.  There’s something about bringing freshly harvested food in from the garden that really brings home to you how much money we spend unnecessarily, not just on food, but on lots of other things.   Take beauty products for … Continue reading

Giving Granola

As I write this post, the granola is cooling and I know that there is one husband and two children sneaking into the kitchen and picking out the sweetened almonds and hazelnuts.   Truly I have the patience of a saint!  But who can blame them I suppose – sweetened with the finest honey from … Continue reading

The Aftermath

My first book Food From An Irish Garden was launched recently. While I was writing it I occasionally suffered the anguish I would imagine most writers experience.  What if everyone hated it?  Would I be outed as a fraud?  After all I’m not a horticulturist, or a chef or indeed a photographer.  My moments of … Continue reading